Urbano Yanes Tuna and Juan Antonio González Pérez established their their studio back in 1997, achieving international recognition with the Tenerife School of Dramatic Arts in 2006. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife-based studio now has a high profile, with works published in several hefty global monographs as well as a nomination for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award in 2003.
Major works currently underway include laboratories, a police station, swimming pools and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife. This new private residential project, Studio-House Acorán II, follows on from an earlier project in the suburbs of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
A multi-level residence on a steep site, the living areas are located at the top of the structure, stepping down to a private garden on the slopes below. The angular white façade is punctured with slots and voids, creating an almost geological set of forms looking out across the ocean. Simple materials and straightforward plans helped the owner do the majority of his own construction. ’It’s almost a do-it-yourself luxury villa,’ the architects admit.