Prada chose Tokyo in full bloom (this was the moment when its famous cherry blossoms were flowering in their full glory) to present a new episode of their animated film, the latest instalment of a fluid collaborative project that started during development of the Spring Summer collection last summer.

Prada Trembled Blossoms Issue 02

Click here to see images of the epicentre and stills from the animation

Trembled Blossoms Issue 02, features the same nymph-like character and lush landscape as the original and introduces a butterfly, with a secondary metamorphosis, who changes magically and magnificently into a pair of butterfly shaped sunglasses (from the new collection of Prada Eyewear) just as in the original film bugs became shoes and a fish from a pond became a bag.

The Herzog & de Meuron designed epicentre in Tokyo's Aoyama district was transformed for the occasion. The windows of the building's honeycomb-like exterior were covered in coloured film printed with a giant reproduction of the film's naked star reaching for a peach from a tree.

Inside, the 25-second film was shown on specially installed screening areas on several levels and on the 'snorkels' - the TV monitors raised off the floor or suspended from the ceiling (reminiscent of Herzog & de Meuron's Pipe ceiling lamp for Artemide). The entire building inside and out was bathed in lilac light and murals of wallpaper covered many of the walls.

Prada presented the original four-minute Trembled Blossom animation at their New York epicentre on 5 February during New York Fashion Week with a soundtrack (as well as a live performance) by CocoRosie. Two weeks ago, in the LA epicentre, they presented the same film with a new soundtrack from DJ Frederic Sanchez, who works on the music for the brand's Milan fashion shows.

Apart from these three live, one-night-only semi-private public showings (it's strictly invite only) all three versions are being shown exclusively on, coinciding with the launch of the brand's website (they may be late adopters but we are sure they will make up for it fast).

Trembled Blossoms began with the development of the Spring Summer collection, when Miuccia Prada began collaborating once again with 2x4's Michael Rock and Sung Kim on a design that could work not only as a fabric concept but as an 'environment' (some of their previous collaborative wallpapers for Prada are currently exhibited at New York's Museum of Modern Art in the Architecture and Design Gallery).

Prada Trembled Blossoms Issue 02

Click here to see images of the epicentre and stills from the animation

2x4 brought on board LA-based illustrator James Jean, and the resulting hand-painted watercolour designs with their organic modernism draws from Art Nouveau, Liberty, Bosch and Beardsley (hence the sensuous and sexual feel) yet with a distinct Prada vibe.

It was first presented as wallpaper for the Prada show space in Milan (in collaboration with Rem Koolhaas's think tank AMO), and as a print for the collection as well as the accessories, followed by site-specific murals in the stores and sets for the ad campaigns. To extend the project into a film medium, Prada worked with LA-based director James Lima and teams of animators who used motion-capture technology as well as modern animation techniques.

Prada have one more version of Trembled Blossoms in the pipeline, this time for the Prada phone, which will also be presented in Tokyo in a few weeks, to coincide with the Japanese launch of the Prada phone.