Renowned for his innovative use of materials and meticulous pattern cutting, Cypriot-born Hussein Chalayan has decided to re-launch his men’s capsule collection. Created for S/S 2008, the thought-provoking designer fashioned the collection exclusively for online boutique at the end of 2007, but has decided to continue the collaborative success.

Inspired by architecture and science, Chalayan has applied his beloved minimalist aesthetic to this new compact collection, which features both signature styles as well as Chalayan’s latest design additions. With an emphasis on modern classics and wearable pieces, the collection focuses on neutral tones of black, grey and whites – supplying the modern man with the perfect solutions for everyday wear.

Multi-pocketed box jackets sit alongside 1950s-inspired polo shirts, whilst Chalayan’s foray into the unavoidable world of the skinny jean ensures the collection remains up to date with current trends. However, always experimental, Chalayan combines sleek skinny chinos with his signature drop pockets, adding a new twist to the modern favourite.

We took the opportunity to ask Chalayan a few questions about his innovative style.

Your name is synonymous with cutting-edge, contemporary fashion design. Who or what are your principal influences?

I would say life in general but namely current anthropology, philosophy of science, institutions, cultural codes, geography and migration of peoples...

How do you feel your work has changed the way people view fashion design?

Perhaps make them see fashion as a part of culture rather than an elite bubble?

Many of your designs are heralded as works of art. Why do you think there's an increasing crossover between the worlds of fashion and art?

For me my ideas were inseparable from the beginning. Currently I feel it's more to do with a global environment where anything goes...

What are you working on at present?

Primarily the collections, but also a few up and coming art commissions.

What excites and/or terrifies you on a daily basis?

My phone ringing...