We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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Rooms / Kitchen


‘Palazzo’ valet tray

Stephane Parmentier / GioBagnara

Inspired by the architecture of Italy’s many palazzos, GioBagnara’s ’Palazzo’ collection pairs one of the country’s most famous raw materials — travertine — with 100% leather and nappa. This valet tray — designed by Stéphane Parmentier — comprises a sturdy travertine structure with a raised border, and is lined with supple leather. Featuring discreet rubber feet for grip underneath, the tray is ideal for holding watches, cufflinks, rings and other trinkets and accessories.

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‘Cirque’ platter

Other Kingdom

Designed by Other Kingdom, the ‘Cirque’ platter mesmerises in spite of — or perhaps, because of — its simplicity. Carved from black gold marble, the platter reveals a complex network of veins and unexpected pattern on each surface in a celebration of nature and raw materials.

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‘Kyma’ tray

Serena Confalonieri / Sambonet

Taking its name from a basic architectural element in ancient Greece — as well as the Greek work for ‘wave’ — Sambonet’s ‘Kyma’ collection is guided by smooth, curvilinear lines. Designed by Serena Confalonieri, the collection is defined by the appearance of a sine wave – represented by a stainless steel tube – which runs along the outside of each object, offering a soft and gentle continuity to the accessories, which are based on hexagonal, octagonal, square and rectangular shapes.

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‘Cake and More’ tray

Karen Chekerdjian

This tray by Lebanese designer Karen Chekerdjian’s presents an elegant way to serve cake – and more. The food safe gold-plated brass item comprises a circular tray atop a conical stand and features a beautiful hand-etched geometric pattern on its surface.

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‘Ace’ bowl

Michaël Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden’s ‘Ace’ bowl bears all the hallmarks of the Belgian’s signature designs. Rich cream Calacatta Viola marble interspersed with burgundy veins is expertly honed into a smooth hollow diamond to form a bowl that is as much decorative as it is functional.

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‘Serenity’ platter

Zaha Hadid

Formed from undulating waves of smooth stainless steel, Zaha Hadid’s ‘Serenity’ platter offers a vivid sense of fluidity and movement. The large platter’s highly reflective surface sees the item take on a futuristic aesthetic that is enhanced by its sinuous form, which also offers stability to objects placed inside.

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‘Celestial’ bowl

Elad Yifrach / L’Objet

Inspired by Mayan history and architecture, L’Objet’s ‘Tulum’ collection fully embraces the brand’s design approach whereby international influences are reinterpreted with a contemporary aesthetic. The ‘Celestial’ bowl is a flawless demonstration of this, managing to appear at once primitive and modern. A number of hand-painted gold spikes of varying lengths emerge from the smooth grey earthenware bowl in a stark juxtaposition of aggressive and gentle. Designed by Elad Yifrach, the bowl perches atop a tapered stand — a practical and decorative addition to any kitchen or dining setting.

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‘Omorogun’ turning stick

The Àga Concept

The ’Omorogun’ turning stick from The Àga Concept neatly sums up the Nigerian brand’s aesthetic: functional, raw and contemporary. The turning stick, which is traditionally used in African kitchens to stir starchy food, is at once mindful of cultural heritage and modern. Graduating from thick to thin, the wooden stick is crafted from locally sourced wood that has been sanded and smoothed to form rounded edges and a faintly buffed surface, and its tip is marked by a splash of non-toxic yellow paint.

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‘Ding’ casserole pot

Office for Product Design / Jia Inc

Inspired by the shapes of ancient Chinese cauldrons by the same name, Office for Product Design’s the casserole pot ‘Ding’ fulfils modern cooking requirements with traditional design. Produced by Jia Inc, the pot is constructed from matte black cast iron and has a flat base that sits neatly atop a separate stand with legs. An enameled interior provides a functional surface that lends itself to both slow cooking and easy cleaning.

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Brewer stand


Kinto’s brewer stand is for those who appreciate slow coffee. The set of stand, filter, brewer, server, holder, and cups is reminiscent of laboratory paraphernalia with a stain resistant wooden base sitting atop an adjustable brass mechanism, which allows users to brew coffee directly into a mug or server.

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’Cil M-1’ coffee pot


The Cil coffee pot’s classic cylindrical design is given a delightful lift by the sweeping flourish of a blue brushstroke. The artistic addition accentuates the whimsical curves of the model that is produced in Galicia by Spanish porcelain brand Sargadelos, a company known for its passionate promotion of local motifs, forms and colours.

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’Juicer 2’

Elinor Portnoy

Elinor Portnoy’s ’Juicer 2’ is in equal parts a kitchen utensil and a decorative object. Presented as a series of clear and opaque sheets of coloured glass, the tool’s peeled back layers are reminiscent of the citrus fruit it is intended to squeeze. A sandblasted base ensures a firm grip, whilst an air bubble at the juicer’s core guarantees lightness and ease of control.

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Studio Kitchen

Price on request

Frama’s Studio Kitchen channels a travel-friendly aesthetic. Realised in lightweight materials, the models are intended to allow easy movement around the house, or to a new location. With anthracite frames and drawers in different accents of delicate wood, the modular systems exude the Danish studio’s industrial look, complemented with marble tops and Dornbracht fixtures for added elegance.


Bottle stand

Marcel Wanders / Alessi

In collaboration with Alessi, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has designed the ’Circus’ collection, a series that epitomises the playful approach both names have to home-ware, while simultaneously capturing the magic of the circus. The limited edition selection of kitchenware take its cues from the Big Top, with bold, geometric patterns, stripes and shapes presented alongside iconic symbolism for a result that is equally fun and stylish. This bottle stand offers an eye-catching pattern painted on tinplate — a new technique for Alessi. Despite its striking nature, the stand’s minimal design allows it to slip seamlessly into a multitude of spaces.

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Copper standing bowl

Fort Standard

The ultimate centrepiece, Fort Standard’s copper standing bowl offers equal impact as functional dinnerware and as a display piece, thanks to its architecturally inspired planar legs that lifts it high off any surface. Food-safe, the aluminium bowl is sand-cast in the state of Pennsylvania, while an unfinished copper plating is applied in Brooklyn. The result is an item that can develop a natural patina over time or maintain its shine through polishing.

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’Oxide’ Range Cooker

Lexx Pott / La Cornue
Price on request

In an attempt to transform basic culinary apparatus into works of art, luxury French oven manufacturer La Cornue invited Dutch designer Lex Pott to experiment with the colour of its traditional brassware. Pott put the outer layers of its classic ‘Château 150’ range cooker through an oxidisation process, resulting in an intense reaction that gives a brilliant electric blue textured finish.

Self-Cleaning ’400 Series’ Combi-Steam Oven

Price on request

For more than 15 years, Gaggenau has been producing home steam ovens for cooks who like the power, precision and time-saving short-cuts of professional kitchen equipment. That tradition continues with the release of its new self-cleaning combi-steam oven. A cleaning cartridge, mounted on the oven ceiling, is operated by the push of a button, cleaning even the heaviest soiling.

’Come As You Are’

Christophe de la Fontaine / Dante Goods and Bads

Designed by Christophe de la Fontaine for Dante – Goods And Bads, this bar cart references the classic hostess service trolley. Pared down to its bare essentials, the piece comes in minimalist black steel and features two horizontal surfaces for increased capacity.

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’Pelle’ kitchen

Price on request

High-quality materials and handmade processes are at the forefront of Italian kitchen brand Henrytimi’s manufacturing approach. Its latest kitchen, ‘Pelle’ – which launched at this year’s Salone del Mobile and is customisable in both dimensions and configurations – is a case in point. A dramatic juxtaposition of travertine sanpietro stone, with door handles, taps and numerous other features hidden from view, it’s a colossal piece that is more architectural sculpture than recognisable kitchen. Each functional element of the monolith kitchen is integrated into the project, including the tailor-made ton sur ton induction cooktop, and the sink, an organic cavity carved from a solid block of travertino sanpietro stone, while natural teak interiors add a touch of warmth.


Giulio Cappellini and Alfonso Arosio / Del Tongo

Designers Giulio Cappellini and Alfonso Arosio have imagined three new kitchen models for Italian manufacturer Del Tongo. The three solutions, entitled Borghese, Laboratorio and Radicale, are designed to cater to all needs, though with different accents in terms of material, colour and cooking habits. Borghese (pictured) features a separate hob block and island workspace with a floating snack table, unified by a colour, such as a burnt orange hue, that can be splashed onto various units. Laboratorio features a compact island worktop area where all functions have been designed to be easily accessible, while Radicale features an irregular-end worktop and a visible pantry.



Designed by Amsterdam-based table top design company Jansen+Co, these copper, silver and gold-plated stainless steel trays succinctly demonstrate the hallmarks for which the Dutch brand is known. Industrial production is combined with an authentic hand finish resulting in a sturdy tray that becomes a centrepiece in its own right thanks to an eye-catching reflective surface. Capturing any flicker of light, the multifaceted pieces also have rounded edges to provide a firm grip.

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’Salute’ side table

Sebastian Herkner / La Chance

Austrian designer Sebastian Herkner’s ’Salute’, produced by La Chance, is a solid lesson in luxury and functionality. Belonging to a family of tables that may be used individually or displayed as a group, the high table is crafted from a cylindrical black marble plinth, interrupted by a circular black steel tray which appears suspended from the table’s main body.

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Joe Doucet / Nude
From £72

Taking its cues from the tradition of Scottish whiskey, this new collection from Turkish glass manufacturer Nude is imbued with the etchings of a Tartan pattern. Designed by New York-based Joe Doucet, the glasses and decanters are characterised by a heavy base leading to refined rim. The eloquent glass collection is pared with a contrasting yet grandeur marble stopper, taking pride of place in any luxury drinks cove.

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’Moon’ bowl

Ilona Van Den Bergh

Belgian designer Ilona Van den Bergh creates these stunning ceramic bowls by casting them into half-spherical plaster moulds and then reshaping them while still pliable. Each circular piece is worked by hand to shape a gentle indentation across the curved surface before being fired to fix its final shape. The resulting one-offs are available in four different colours and three different sizes.

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’Brocca’ jug


The Tuscan town of Empoli has long been associated with glassmaking, and for centuries the craft has been utilised to accommodate local necessities, such as to produce bottles for wine from nearby Chianti. The glass typically takes on a green hue, a result of the high levels of iron oxide found in local sand. This handblown collection by Eligo is made up of unique nuances, as well as clean, graceful lines.

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Francesco Rota / Lapalma
Price on request

These versatile tables have been designed by LaPalma’s art director Francesco Rota. Easily transportable with the bent handle feature, ’Jey’ is comparable to chess pieces, arriving in a pure monochrome palette. Rota also plays with shape in the design: the solid bases are all cylinder, but the laminate tops come in a choice of different geometrical forms, lending itself to the Italian brand’s modern design aesthetic.

Teg Cut

€ 590

Helsinki-based designer Tebian was inspired during a minor fall for his ’Teg Cut’ tables. When he tripped to the ground, he noticed the natural flagstones that fill the streets of the Finnish capital, and replicated their forms in the triangular shapes of these tables. Made up of Carrara marble sitting on top of metal legs, the small three-legged side tables join together like a puzzle to make a larger table. The multifaceted pieces come together to make an assortment of table models, appearing rather minimalist in their separated form, but maximalist when connected with multiple legs webbed together. Photography: Krista Keltanen

Handle spice bowl

Olubunmi Adeyemi / The Àga Concept

Conceived by Nigerian designer Olubunmi Adeyemi, The Àga Concept combines functionality with African heritage for a contemporary line of kitchen tools and utensils, crafted from locally sourced wood. This bowl is ideal for holding spices and serving is facilitated by a handle, which is marked by black and red stripes at its tip.

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Amazonite stripe platter

Bethan Gray

London-based designer Bethan Gray is known for her passion for luxurious natural materials, such as solid wood, marble and leather. This smooth, round serving platter is the perfect example of the Welsh designer’s approach. Made out of an exquisite contrast of green crystal amazonite and black marble, the two are bought together in an animalistic stripy pattern that can be a whimsical addition to any tea party.

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Miranda Watkins

Part of the growing collection of handcrafted pewter tableware by British designer Miranda Watkins, this snack bowl set is made to order by the Sheffield-based pewter specialist AR Wentworth. The three bowls come in different sizes, to serve everything from peanuts to crisps. The highly polished contemporary pieces can look elegant in any banquet setting, mixing it with other wood or marble tableware allows for it to shine among the crowd.

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