We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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‘Kyoto’ mini architecture system

Note Design Studio / Zilenzio
Price on request

Swedish firm Note Design Studio describes its new room dividers as ‘architectural microcosms’. The system takes inspiration directly from the Japanese city it’s named after, in particular the architectural beauty and harmony. The modular pieces are as functional as they are stylish too. Simply held together by magnets, the insulated dividers are set within ash frames to ease manoeuvrability lend harmony to the space.

‘Cassina 999’ paperweight

BBMDS / Luce di Carrara

Teaming up with Italian architecture and design studio BBMDS, Luce di Carrara has produced ‘Casina 999’, a limited series of 999 marble mini-houses based on an exploration of the concept of home. The proceeds of the sale of the houses will support the activities of charity ActionAid’s project SIS.M.I.CO that works together with communities affected by earthquakes in central Italy. Minimally-shaped, the small paperweight takes on its own unrepeatable personality, thanks to the use of marmo bianco dell’altissimo.

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‘O Mirror’


Exposed polished edges, circular form and a spherical brass base elevate Minimalux’s ‘O Mirror’ from functional tool to stylish home accessory. At first glance, the mirror appears to be a feat of balance, but observe the base which remains firm and rooted to flat surfaces whilst also able to rotate on its axis.

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‘Palazzo’ valet tray

Stephane Parmentier / GioBagnara

Inspired by the architecture of Italy’s many palazzos, GioBagnara’s ’Palazzo’ collection pairs one of the country’s most famous raw materials — travertine — with 100% leather and nappa. This valet tray — designed by Stéphane Parmentier — comprises a sturdy travertine structure with a raised border, and is lined with supple leather. Featuring discreet rubber feet for grip underneath, the tray is ideal for holding watches, cufflinks, rings and other trinkets and accessories.

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‘Excavation’ sculptures

Wang & Söderström / Unique Board
From $500

Copenhagen-based design studio Wang & Söderström were inspired by the science of archaeology and the readings of human activity for their series of sculptural vases ’Excavation.’ Bought to life by New York-based Unique Board, they use 3D printing to join together the plaster and monochrome resin. The result is a range of abstract and vibrant vessels that are imbued with a playful confetti-style design.

‘Herringbone’ collection

Phil Cuttance
Price on request

Designer Phil Cuttance takes pride in the fact that his ‘Herringbone’ series is handmade at his London studio. The geometric shapes start as paper patterns which he then turns into his Jesmonite forms. For the new collection, he realises three different structures – a tray, vase and a pen pot – all adorned with graphic patterns on the surface. The range is available in a roster of colours including brick red, taupe and sage green.

Photography: Martina Lang

‘Cirque’ platter

Other Kingdom

Designed by Other Kingdom, the ‘Cirque’ platter mesmerises in spite of — or perhaps, because of — its simplicity. Carved from black gold marble, the platter reveals a complex network of veins and unexpected pattern on each surface in a celebration of nature and raw materials.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Folkifunki Elephant’ vase

Jaime Hayon / Vista Alegre

A bold, unmistakable palette of red and blue accented with hints of gold is the unifying aesthetic of the Folkifunki collection by Jaime Hayon. Created for Vista Alegre, each piece in this series of decorative porcelain tableware is adorned with a unique artwork inspired by animals, plants, masks or images, including elements of national folklore. This vase takes its inspiration from the elephant, seen clearly in its silhouette and depiction of facial characteristics, and can be displayed when empty as an original piece of art.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Stargazer’ candleholder

Lara Bohinc / Lapicida

Designed by Lara Bohinc for stone specialists Lapicida, the ‘Lunar’ collection is inspired by orreries – solar system models that have been used since classical times. Here, this translates to the ‘Stargazer’ — a sculptural candleholder comprising a buiscaro rosa marble body and polished brass arms that include a holder for a single candle.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Arch’ trays

New Duivendrecht
From €49

The architectural form of an arch is the starting point for these concrete trays by Dutch design studio New Duivendrecht. Described as ‘table architecture’ the ornamental pieces play with balance between the thick, solid concrete and the opposing hollow space it creates sitting on the surface. Available in an array of diffrent shades, including a quieter beige and vibrant scarlet tones, the trays match together to create a subtle puzzle of pattern too.

Photography: New Duivendrecht

‘Parure II’ centrepiece

Cristina Celestino / Paola C

Designed by Cristina Celestino for Paola C, the ‘Dolce Vita’ collection is a celebration of Italy in the 1950s — an era whose charm is defined by a distinct joie de vivre, irony and optimism. In a contemporary take on this epoch, Celestino has designed a series of functional items that beautifully encapsulate this tone. Crafted from borosilicate blown glass, the ‘Parure II’ centrepiece is both striking and elegant, with sophisticated brushed brass detailing and a light blue bowl that has been coloured and silked internally.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

Stripe bowls

Grete Prytze Kittelsen / Cathrineholm
From €35

Often referred to as the queen of Scandinavian design in the mid-20th century, Norwegian designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen, who hobnobbed with the likes of the Eameses and Alvar Aalto, was known initially for her work in gold and silver. When deliberately embarking on more democratic design in the 1950s, she discovered ironworks Cathrineholm, an expert in enamelling, and a highly lauded collaboration began. When she died in 2010, Kittelsen’s children held the rights to her designs until Danish retailer Imerco bought them exclusively three years ago. It is slowly reissuing her work, under the Cathrineholm label, starting with the ‘Stripes’ bowls, with the ‘Cathedral’ and ‘Sensation’ series to follow.

‘Satellite’ hand mirror

Christoffer Skjøtt / Møbel & Rum

Pick it up, twirl it about and discover new things: Møbel & Rum’s playful ‘Satellite’ hand mirror presents a whole new way to observe yourself and your surroundings. Designed by Christoffer Skjøtt, the circular mirror sits atop a uniquely shaped handle carved from four evenly-sized pieces of oak, each one revealing its own qualities and patterns that will form a beautiful patina over time.

‘Kyma’ tray

Serena Confalonieri / Sambonet

Taking its name from a basic architectural element in ancient Greece — as well as the Greek work for ‘wave’ — Sambonet’s ‘Kyma’ collection is guided by smooth, curvilinear lines. Designed by Serena Confalonieri, the collection is defined by the appearance of a sine wave – represented by a stainless steel tube – which runs along the outside of each object, offering a soft and gentle continuity to the accessories, which are based on hexagonal, octagonal, square and rectangular shapes.

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‘Mellow’ vase

Studio Hattern

Studio Hattern’s ‘Mellow’ vase is a minimalist interpretation of the moments of colour, tone, texture and light conveyed in Impressionist paintings. Graduating tones of green and blue are paired with a blurred transparent finish that causes the acrylic vase’s colours to change and diffuse under the effect of refracted lighting. The result is an object that offers a unique experience of colour and light through a contemporary realisation of an iconic art movement.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Time Machine’ clock

Lee Broom
Price on request

Lee Broom’s brand turned ten this year and, to celebrate the milestone, the London based designer staged an immersive installation in a disused vault in the Milano Centrale train station, creating a large-scale carousel to display his best designs of the past decade. New pieces were also introduced, such as a traditional grandfather clock carved from a monolithic block of Carrara marble and brass with a design inspired by Brutalist architecture. Broom explains that he has had a long-term fascination with the grandfather clock ever since discovering one at his grandparents’ house as a child and becoming obsessed with its mechanisms and majestic appearance. His symmetric version features sleek faceted angles and straight lines, and decoration is kept to a minimum, allowing the simple brass hands and elegant pendulum to take centre stage.

Photography: Paola Dossi


‘Margot’ water goblet

Fferrone Design
£116 for set of two

Combining intricate detailing with innovative production techniques and materials, Fferrone’s ‘Margot’ collection presents a new take on cut glass. Each 450ml water goblet offers two vessels — one in place of a traditional stem — formed from fluted borosilicate glass created without the use of moulds. The result is a glassware duo that is equally suited to both everyday and formal settings.

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‘Minima Moralia’ room divider

Christophe de la Fontaine / Dante – Goods And Bads

Launched during Maison et Objet, German studio Dante Goods And Bads’ ‘Minima Moralia’ forms part of the brand’s ‘Metropolitan Improvemen’ collection. Designed by Christophe de la Fontaine, the folding screen is crafted from grey-coloured bended steel and also features pleated fabric, which adds an elegant finish to its industrial aesthetic.

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‘Naia’ table mirror


At first glance, JCP’s ‘Naia’ table mirror could be a globe. Balanced on a matte brass cylindrical base and held in place by a semi-circular frame, the circular polished steel mirror spins on an axis in an ironic duality of vanity conceived by CTRLZAK. The reverse of each handmade mirror has a veined marble surface that is unique to each piece.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Face’ mirror

Studio CC / Ceccotti Collezioni

Founded in 1988 by Franco Ceccotti, Italian company Ceccotti Collezioni has notched up an impressive portfolio of designer collaborations, working with likeminded creatives such as Todd Bracher, Studio Drift and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance to build a collection that features undulating wood constructions and tasteful forms. These artistic exchanges have no doubt inspired the Tuscan brand’s own creative team, Studio CC. Its pieces, which include beds, sideboards and lighting, are just as exquisite as those created in collaboration with international design stars. The ‘Face’ mirrors, for example, feature a traditional design that eschews nostalgia in favour of a light frame that blends sinuous curves and straight lines. The mirrors are available in solid American walnut in a variety of finishes, including a special shellac polish.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Rust’ box

Prin London

Taken from Prin London’s debut homeware collection ‘Rust’, this circular trinket was created by mixing metal particles taken from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic. The result is a handmade piece that features its own unique series of characteristics due to the metal dust oxidation, which imparts a unique texture varying in colour and intensity and is enhanced as the materials change slowly over time in a reflection of their relationship with their owners.

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‘Cake and More’ tray

Karen Chekerdjian

This tray by Lebanese designer Karen Chekerdjian’s presents an elegant way to serve cake – and more. The food safe gold-plated brass item comprises a circular tray atop a conical stand and features a beautiful hand-etched geometric pattern on its surface.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Curva’ magazine holder


Undulating strands come together to form AYTM’s ‘Curva’ magazine holder, a playful yet sleek storage solution. Between each rise and fall of the thin brass-finished bars, space is created for magazines and small books to sit neatly in a beautiful design that will introduce a contemporary aesthetic into any space.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Cantili’ tape dispenser

Beyond Object

Conceived by Hanhsi Chen and Shikai Tseng of London studio Poetic Lab, this tape dispenser is an accurate summary of the duo’s design approach, where functional objects are stripped down to their most basic elements and shaped into sculptural forms. Simple, elegant and modern, this dispenser consists of just a pair of matte black zinc steel concave circles and a cantilever from which the tape is torn.

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‘Fortress’ vase

Lara Bohinc
Price on request

These geometric vases by designer Lara Bohinc take their initial cues from the octagonal towers at the Diocletian Palace in Croatia. Unlike the building’s standard eight-sided form, the ‘Fortress’ vase collection creates new interlocking hexagonal shapes that turn into the complex sculptures. Each of the ceramic forms are hand crafted in an artisan workshop in Italy and futuristic versions appear from dark gold and bronze finishes.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Ace’ bowl

Michaël Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden’s ‘Ace’ bowl bears all the hallmarks of the Belgian’s signature designs. Rich cream Calacatta Viola marble interspersed with burgundy veins is expertly honed into a smooth hollow diamond to form a bowl that is as much decorative as it is functional.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Homework’ collection

Home Studios
Price on request

After years of creating stylish interiors for restaurants and bars around the US, Home Studios has launched its first furniture and objects collection, wittily named Homework. The Brooklyn-based design studio, whose creative flair has defined the look of cherished local haunts such as Tørst in Brooklyn, Gwen in LA, and Seaworthy at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, has always custom-designed furniture and lighting for its interiors projects, so launching its own range was a natural next step. The collection, which includes a table, vase, mirror, shelf and sconce, incorporates a variety of noble materials, such as marble, plated silver, leather and rose gold glass. ‘We looked a lot at the paintings of Édouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard and Peter Doig, and the photographs of Brassaï and Paul Strand, among others,’ says Oliver Haslegrave, who founded the firm with his brother Evan in 2009. The pieces focus on ‘the process of craft and continual experimentation’, Haslegrave adds, just like the studio’s evocative environments. Homework launched at Sight Unseen Offsite last month.

As originally featured in the June 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*219)

‘Serenity’ platter

Zaha Hadid

Formed from undulating waves of smooth stainless steel, Zaha Hadid’s ‘Serenity’ platter offers a vivid sense of fluidity and movement. The large platter’s highly reflective surface sees the item take on a futuristic aesthetic that is enhanced by its sinuous form, which also offers stability to objects placed inside.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Celestial’ bowl

Elad Yifrach / L’Objet

Inspired by Mayan history and architecture, L’Objet’s ‘Tulum’ collection fully embraces the brand’s design approach whereby international influences are reinterpreted with a contemporary aesthetic. The ‘Celestial’ bowl is a flawless demonstration of this, managing to appear at once primitive and modern. A number of hand-painted gold spikes of varying lengths emerge from the smooth grey earthenware bowl in a stark juxtaposition of aggressive and gentle. Designed by Elad Yifrach, the bowl perches atop a tapered stand — a practical and decorative addition to any kitchen or dining setting.

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’Olivia’ mirror

Davide Monopoli / Pulpo

Presenting an exciting combination of colour and texture, Pulpo’s ’Olivia’ mirror is a game of contrasts. Designed by Davide Monopoli, the piece comprises an azure-tinted laminated glass mirror atop a heavy black stone base and sits at an angle, promising a reflection from any position.

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