New Dior Chiffre Rouge watches embrace modernity in the details

The latest Dior Chiffre Rouge watch collection nods to models released 20 years ago, but brings modern detailing to the minimalist design

Male models wear Dior Chiffre Rouge watches
(Image credit: Thue Nørgaard)

The Dior Chiffre Rouge watch collection’s sleek, dark silhouettes are revisited by the house with eight new models, set to be released throughout 2024.

Black Dior Chiffre Rouge watch with red seconds hand and details

(Image credit: Thue Nørgaard)

First unveiled in 2004, the Dior Chiffre Rouge line embodied a minimalist, monochromatic mood, one which still prevails in the matte black body and understated graphics of today’s models. As well as receiving a sharp technical upgrade, offbeat details – an asymmetric case, with one side more gently tapered, and playful streaks of colour – bring a modernity to the dark watch design.

Black Dior Chiffre Rouge watch with red seconds hand and details and studded case

(Image credit: Thue Nørgaard)

The eight new watches experiment with a range of finishes, from the clean ultra matte black to a diamond-studded case, with limited-edition pieces equipped with a tourbillon, all dotted with glimmers of the familiar red. As you would expect from Dior, there is an intertwining throughout of Monsieur Dior’s personal likes, such as the highlighting of his favourite number, eight, on the date display.

Five Dior watch models will be available in boutiques from February 2024, one from July 2024, and the last two from October 2024

Dior Chiffre Rouge watch in black with red details

(Image credit: Thue Nørgaard)

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