Tiffany & Co has unveiled its new fine jewellery collection, which nods to the architectural heritage of New York in its juxtaposition of curves and angles. The ‘Tiffany Knot’ collection puts the chain link, a motif synonymous with New York, at the heart of pieces that encompass a modern urban sensibility.

The industrial history of the symbol takes on a modern new form when drawn in whorls of gold, nodding to a history that began with the opening of the first Tiffany & Co New York store in 1837. The collection encompasses this heritage in necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, cast in 18ct rose and yellow gold.

Tiffany gold bracelets and rings

Each piece is defined by a distinctive curl, which brings a sleek suppleness to precious metal, for jewellery that circles the body in a fluid loop secured by a coiled knot.

The curves of the loops, when offset by the angles of the knots, become temptingly tactile. Staying faithful to true Tiffany & Co style, this is fine jewellery which can be worn every day.

Tiffany gold bracelets and rings

Tiffany Knot speaks of connection

The knot motif acts as a metaphor for New York’s ability to interlink people and create connections, itself intertwining Tiffany & Co’s graphic design history with contemporary codes. In some pieces, the warmth of the gold is sharpened by a sprinkling of pavé diamonds precisely set to ensure a brilliant refraction of light.

In others, the gold loops that circle the body twice also represent an innovative technicality, becoming a form of concealing the clasp on a fluid diamond hinged bracelet. Without a visible fastening, the bracelet becomes an eternal loop of gleaming gold with no discernible beginning or end.

This collection, the newest since last year’s ‘Tiffany T1’ debut, joins the iconic designs in Tiffany & Co’s archives created by designers including Elsa Peretti and Jean Schlumberger, staying faithful to their classic design codes with a focus on sensual shapes and simple, fluid silhouettes. §

Tiffany gold bracelets and rings and earrings
Tiffany gold bracelets and rings
Tiffany gold bracelets and rings and necklaces