Pear-cut diamonds are cool in Kimaï’s new jewellery collection

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Pear-cut diamonds become cool and contemporary in the hands of Antwerp-based fine jewellery brand Kimaï. The brand, which specialises in producing offbeat jewellery from lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, has for the first time given the pear-cut diamond the full – and perhaps overdue – attention it deserves.

‘We love the asymmetry and the character of a pear shape,’ says Sidney Neuhaus, co-founder, designer and gemologist at Kimaï. ‘It makes me think of a female body. It's one of our customer’s favourite diamond shapes for our engagement ring collection, so it's definitely coming back. We haven’t seen much of pear-shaped diamonds in everyday jewellery: it was time for the pear-shaped diamond to shine again.’

Gold hoop with pear shaped diamond

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There are six new pieces in the ‘Pluie d’Été’ collection, with the cut taking centre stage on earrings, a ring and a necklace. The aesthetic stays faithful to previous collections, which twisted elegantly unexpected silhouettes into sculptural forms. The fluidity of the pear cut is a natural complement, whether studding an interrupted swirl of gold on a ring, looping through the ear on a hoop, or hanging from a pendant. By teaming it only with a sweep of gold, the overall feel is clean, uncluttered and very modern.

‘We are huge lovers of a pear-shaped diamond because of its uniqueness,’ adds Neuhaus. ‘Every one is different; some are more elongated, some wider. We played with the twist of stones to give more depth to the design, and make it edgier.’

In the new collection, the pear-cut diamond is unexpectedly placed; tilted at an angle here, juxtaposed against a contrasting silhouette there, making for a contemporary rethink of a classic cut. Says Neuhaus: ‘Each piece is delicate and powerful, just like the female form from which it draws inspiration.’

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