Jessica McCormack unveils engagement rings and new London bridal space

Jessica McCormack’s new engagement ring collection ties in with the opening of a new bridal floor in her London townhouse store

Two engagement rings in gold and diamonds
(Image credit: Jessica McCormack)

Jessica McCormack has created a new haven for prospective brides and grooms with the launch of a new bridal space that encompasses the second floor of her London townhouse store. The opening of the space is accompanied by a 25-piece new engagement ring collection.

Engagement rings in an elegant bridal setting

Inside of Jessica McCormack engagement ring store

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack)

The chic new floor welcomes budding brides and grooms, regardless of their budget. ‘I really wanted it to be somewhere that felt calm and welcoming. From the artwork in the space, to the flooring that we chose, to the colours of the carpet – I just wanted to create an environment that felt peaceful, and beautiful,’ says McCormack. ‘And it had to feel romantic. The room is not just for “brides to be”, it’s a space that celebrates all sorts of love; so whether you’re coming in to look at engagement rings, or for an anniversary present, or you just want to come in and look at some incredible Sally Mann photography, it’s a great space to hang out in.’

To accompany the opening of the floor, the jewellery designer has launched new ring styles – and with price points beginning at £2,200, they make for affordable engagement rings. Eclectic designs range from a simple solitaire ring to bespoke and one-of-a-kind creations, with unexpected stone pairings and the inclusion of vividly coloured gems adding an edge to traditional jewellery motifs. Next month, three elegant new wedding bands in Fair Trade gold will also sit alongside the engagement pieces.

Jessica McCormack on ring shopping

McCormack was keen to expand the collection in order to attract clients who may feel put off by the imposing nature of jewellery shopping.  It’s ‘an environment that’s free of pressure. Whether you’re browsing for your own ring, or you’ve come in to browse for your partner – it’s a big decision, and you need to be given the space and the time to make it,’ she says, adding: ‘Choice is key, because I think a lot of people have an idea of what they want – but when they get in front options, they end up loving styles that they’d never even considered. And I think that’s important to pre-empt. People also just need straightforward answers to questions. Often an engagement ring is someone’s first diamond purchase – and so there should be a lot of questions! We’ve always known how important it is to offer our clients the answers that they might have been a little scared to ask elsewhere.’ 

Engagement ring with green and blue stone

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack)

Ring boxes on wooden plinths in store

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack)

Red and white stone engagement ring

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack)


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