Sophie Bille Brahe’s wedding bands trace the undulating curves of her engagement rings

Sophie Bille Brahe’s new collection of wedding bands echoes the fluid silhouettes of her most popular engagement rings

Two pictures with different diamond engagement rings by Sophie Bille Brahe
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Wedding bands encompass fluid curves in the hands of Sophie Bille Brahe, whose new bridal collection slots seamlessly into her popular diamond engagement rings.

Thirteen diamond styles in total stay faithful to the undulating curves of the jewellery designer’s engagement rings. The first collection of eight pieces fit into familiar styles such as the Ensemble Escargot, Ensemble Croissant and Grand Ensemble Ocean collection. A second collection of five pieces shifts the focus to a pavé setting for the first time, featuring one and two carat designs.

diamond rings

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‘The starting point for this collection and previous collections is cemented around diamonds that I wanted to wear myself,’ says Brahe on the collection which continues her love affair with diamonds. ‘I have always been inspired by the sea - that point on the horizon, where the sea and the sky blur into one. This is also embedded in the design code of this collection, and something that fires my work in general.’

She explored new directions for these pieces inspired by love letters, intricately designed so they fit flawlessly together - much like how paper fits into an envelope, she says. ‘I wanted to capture the essence of effortlessness as well as understated luxury in these new pieces. For me, it is all about capturing the light in simple exclusivity, and effortless designs using diamond as the focal point.’

Using diamonds exclusively - rather than her ubiquitous pearls - was not without its challenges. ‘Not doing something that everybody else has already done is the biggest challenge for me when working with diamonds. But it is the ultimate luxury and gives me a magical feeling that I can’t explain. I love trying to use diamonds in a way that I want to wear them. Extremely classic but modern.’

heart shaped diamond ring

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diamond ring

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five diamond rings in different shapes

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