Introducing Annoushka’s stackable engagement rings

Annoushka’s new engagement rings can be worn in endless ways: mixed, matched and stacked

Two engagement rings by Annoushka in gold and diamonds
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Annoushka has unveiled a new collection of alternative engagement rings, Love and Commitment. Encompassing five designs which range from simple three-stone pieces to intricately embellished flora, the rings are sustainably created from recycled gold.

‘My own engagement ring was the first piece of jewellery I designed, and all these years later I still adore it and wear it every day,’ Annoushka Ducas says. ‘Last year marked our 30th wedding anniversary and I started to think about how I would design it now. I realised I would want something far more versatile, something that can change over time like relationships do. Versatility has become intrinsic to my designs, I want my jewellery to work hard and be worn in different ways – which is why this new range is designed to sit harmoniously alongside our Crown and Marguerite collections; when you combine them you get a very different look and feel.’

Gold engagement ring with pale red main stone and studded in diamonds on the band

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Gold engagement ring with diamonds of different sizes clustered together

(Image credit: TBC)

The pieces are made to be stacked – diamond ring jackets will slot seamlessly around the engagement ring designs, while the half-jacket option can double up as a wedding band or mark anniversary celebrations further down the line. The textured gold rings are crafted for tactility, made to be twisted and played with. ‘Our organic cup setting gives the collection an informal feel and an antiquity – it feels familiar but modern. I like to think of my jewellery pieces as treasured friends, cherished and loved, which seemed pertinent for a collection that represents the evolution of long-term commitment. The idea of perpetual love is also reflected in the materials we chose to use. This is our first collection in 100 per cent recycled 18ct gold – a conscious decision to be as circular as we can be.’

For Ducas, it is important that customers feel they can put their own twist on the pieces, choosing the possibilities to suit them, with understated options making for affordable engagement rings. ‘We’re definitely at a crossroads with commitment jewellery, which is really exciting,’ the jeweller says. ‘The traditions around the designs, the way they’re worn and who they are worn by, are all changing in a reflection of much broader cultural shifts. With this collection, nothing is prescriptive. The combinations are endless – it’s individual – and that felt very important and a reason to launch this collection now.’

Gold stack of rings surrounding middle one with multiple diamonds

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Multiple stack of gold rings surrounding a central one with big blue stone and diamonds

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