Modern jewellery boxes to treasure

Modern jewellery boxes are not only practical but also make for chic adornments in their own right

Velvet jewellery boxes by Sophie Bille Brahe
Velvet jewellery boxes by Sophie Bille Brahe
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Traditionally, jewellery boxes have been considered precious objects in their own right, crafted from exquisite materials and showstopping stones for storage which not only kept jewellery safe but also made a glamorous addition to a dressing table. As convenience became the buzzword for a new generation, jewellery storage became more practical, and modern jewellery boxes were designed with the globetrotter in mind, becoming both safe and easily portable. Now, jewellers are looking to recapture some of this faded glamour for customers who want a good home for their jewellery collection, which has often been years in the making. Storage can be both practical and beautiful, and these chic trinket boxes are minimal, opulent and everything in between.

August Sandgren

Marbled jewellery box

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August Sandgren has collaborated with OeO design studio and Thomas Lykke on limited edition jewellery boxes which nod to both the Danish and Japanese design worlds. Lykke selected fabric from Japanese kimono fabric company, Hosoo, for these beautiful boxes which are not only perfectly sized for your most precious pieces, but also beautiful objet d'art in their own right.

Suzanne Kalan

Blue jewellery tray with jewellery in it

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Suzanne Kalan kicks off her first interiors line with a collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler. The porcelain trays in bold hues are embellished with Kalan's signature baguette cuts, making them the perfect resting place for your favourite pieces from her Fireworks collection and others.

Dinosaur Designs

Dish made from white shell

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While not strictly a jewellery box, Dinosaur Design's beautiful dishes make the perfect homes for those pieces you don't want to hide away. Crafted from resin and encompassing shell-like curves, these sensual dishes are an adornment in their own right.

Jessica McCormack

Brown wooden jewellery box with embroidered blue velvet interior

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The Ocean Heirloom Jewellery Box depicts the magic of an underwater world in embroidered velvet. McCormack has partnered with New Zealand-based conservation charity Live Ocean for this piece, whose campaigns for a healthy ocean aim to bring about positive change. A perctange of proceeds from this special jewellery box, which comes complete with your choice of jewellery, will contribute to the cause.

Flora Bhattachary

Flora Bhattachary's jewellery box

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Woodbury & Co create their modern jewellery boxes from their seaside studio on the border of Devon and Cornwall, renovating antique pieces and beautifully bringing them back to life. Now, a partnership with Flora Bhattachary has resulted in these pieces being sumptuous with rare pieces of Liberty print - making the perfect home for Bhattachary's new triple stone rings.

Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards

Triangular jewellery box with the image of a mouth smoking a cigarette

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Higher Standards have teamed up with designer Jonathan Adler to create a porcelain jewellery box -  the perfect size for storing trinkets, its bold design will add a bolt of colour to your dressing table. Flip the lid and use as a tray to mix it up.

Sophie Bille Brahe

Teal velvet jewellery box

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‘I first thought about creating the jewellery boxes when travelling as I wanted to create the perfect case to store my jewellery,’ says Sophie Bille Brahe on her deliciously soft velvet jewellery boxes in cheerful hues. ‘Through conversations with both our customers and stockists we have seen that there is a real demand to produce beautiful cases that people can both travel with and keep at home.’ The resulting pieces, safely cradling precious jewels, will make for elegant additions to a dressing table.

Simplistic wooden jewellery tray made from white oak

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Sometimes, the main thing an eclectic jewellery collection needs is clear organisation, and if it is neat compartments you are after, this could be the piece for you. Danish designer Menu redraws the lines of a trinket box in clean white oak; the ideal piece for the minimalist, its perfectly proportioned silhouette will be a chic foil for outlandish adornments.

Anissa Kermiche

Earthenware pot with lid and gold and black geometric block handle

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Anissa Kermiche’s homeware is a favourite of interior lovers, who are often drawn to her tongue-in-cheek, subversive forms. Now, she brings her inimitable sculptural style to a jewellery box. Crafted from earthenware and playing on juxtaposing geometrical forms, this piece is an accessory in its own right.

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