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Chicago continues its impressive restaurant boom. But what is perhaps most impressive about this rash of new venues is how much space they’re offering diners. To wit: Bellemore, local hospitality group Boka's latest, occupies a 6,000-sq-ft sprawl in the West Loop, and every inch of it is dedicated to a manor house fantasy unlike anything else you’ll see in the Windy City.

Designed by local outfit Studio K, Bellemore is layered with so much texture that it never feels overwhelming. The central serving station, which is meant to mimic a traditional entry table, the Thoney and Bauhaus-inspired seating, and even the stuffed birds perched just above the marble bar evoke an old-world opulence. But the chevron column, the ‘millennial’ pink upholstery, and the strikingly dark owl-themed mural by artist Tracee Badway in the private dining room (which is outfitted with a glass bookcase that looks directly into the kitchen)  give the interiors plenty of contemporary flair. 

Similarly, chef Jimmy Papadopoulos’s menu seems like the kind of feast you would be served at a manor. Think indulgent caviar-topped oyster pies; dry aged duck glazed with honey; and a chestnut brioche dessert paired with poached pears.

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