The Lanesborough Club and Spa — London, UK

The Lanesborough Club and Spa — London, UK

There is, perhaps, a touch of breathless hyperbole about The Lanesborough Club & Spa’s claim to being, in its words, ‘London’s finest private members’ club’. There can be, however, no denying the utter plushness and commitment to hedonistic pleasures to be found in the sprawling 18,000 sq ft space designed by local studio 1508.
Tapping into this millennium’s holy trinity of fitness, wellness and lifestyle, the club and spa enfold guests in a cocoon of creamy whites, blonde timber, shimmering mirrored details, silk wallpaper, and banks of recessed light to banish any unflattering angles. 

Anchoring the space are the restaurant (which also features a private dining room, alongside marinated Yellowfin tuna, and a tart gazpacho of tomato and pineapple) and spa lounge. Around this is a sequence of spaces that one navigates with the guidance of a solicitous spa butler.

Literally not an inch of the exterior or internal body is not targeted. There are studios manned by an army of fitness coaches, personal trainers, dance tutors and yoga instructors. There are his and hers thermal suites and a hydrotherapy pool. Toes are buffed, and faces enrobed in rich creams, caviar and gold by the likes of organic specialists ila and La Prairie, whilst Anastasia Achilleos offers craniosacral therapy and massages.

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