Dining space at Londrino restaurants, London, UK
(Image credit: londrino.co.uk)

Set just a hop and a skip away from foodie Bermondsey Street, Londrino is the hotly anticipated debut wine bar and restaurant from Portuguese chef Leandro Carreira. Having worked at the storied Michelin-starred Mugaritz outside of San Sebastian, Carreira proved his mettle in London with stints at Lyle’s, Koya and as Head Chef at Nuno Mendes’ Viajante. 

Since it opened, Londrino, which means Londoner in Portuguese, has welcomed the area’s notable chefs, who have come to sample the Clams Bulhão Pato, Octopus with red pepper miso, fermented potato with egg yolk and mustard, Mackerel with Savoy cabbage and smoked seaweed butter and a caraway ice cream that is nothing short of a revolution in flavour. 

To stand up to such a reputation, designer Nathalie Rozencwajg of Rare Architecture  has created a simple, slick space that carefully considers the refined craftsmanship of Londrino’s food. Poured concrete walls keep things paired back and modern while hand-painted Portuguese tiles in the restaurant’s signature colours reference Carreira’s upbringing in Leiria. Floor to ceiling windows have been installed to flood Londrino with light, and in summer will open out onto a terrace where up to 20 can dine al fresco.

The bar Londrino, London, UK

(Image credit: londrino.co.uk)

Table and chairs at Londrino restaurant, London, UK

(Image credit: londrino.co.uk)




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