Black tables and chairs with rustic brick wall and exposed pipes with no ceiling
(Image credit: TBC)

Take a vacant space in Cape Town’s Old Biscuit Mill, award-winning executive chef Luke Dale-Roberts from La Colombe – regularly voted one of the best 15 restaurants in the world – a post-industrial setting crafted with the best designers and artisans in town, and you get The Test Kitchen. From the start, the empty space was thought of as a ‘blank canvas’ and pieced togther with retro furniture, steel-and-timber shelving by Truly Fantastic, art works by Peter Eastman, interior design by Casamento and creative lighting by I felt Like It. Anchored in the city's revitalised Woodstock neighbourhood, the restaurant works, as its name implies, as a ‘creative hub’: as a place to innovate and sample, explore and share different views on modern cuisine. Therefore, the 30-seater restaurant provides guests with the option of a casual, 'kitchen bar' or 'dish-by-dish' experience, straight from the open kitchen, or a more formal dining experience climaxing with a perfectly tuned eight-course tasting menu. A perfect blend of gastronomic and hearty cuisine in a timeless, arty setting.


The Old Biscuit Mill
375 Albert Road
Cape Town