As the scions to Alemagna – one of Italy’s most historic pastry shops – Milanese brothers Tancredi and Alberto were born with chocolate in their blood. Though their family sold its illustrious company to packaged-good giant Nestlé in the 1990s, the brothers planted their own flag in the boutique chocolate business seven years ago with a niche label called T’a. Now, their artisan-made chocolate has its first home inside a new bistro in Milan’s city centre. Designed by local architect Vincenzo de Cotiis, the interior of the delectable chocolate shop-cum-restaurant has a 1960s retro Italian flair mixed with de Cotiis’ signature edge; thick slabs of marble and oxidised metal can be seen on custom made furniture, the banquettes are covered in plush Kavadrat velvet and the dramatic chandeliers create the perfect lighting for a cosy dinner or well-stocked aperitivo.