Amass dining area Copenhagen, Denmark
(Image credit: Tim Spreadbury)

It is only natural that a restaurant like Noma should prompt the opening of an array of restaurants contrived by former staff wanting to go out on their own. One we've been looking forward to in particular (as have many others, judging by the number of reservations made prior to its opening) is that of former head chef Matt Orlando. At his restaurant Amass, located in a repurposed shipyard in the harbour area Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, guests can choose from two moderately priced set menus prepared from seasonal produce, some of which is grown in the garden in front of the building. The restaurant's fluid layout, which merges the dining room and kitchen into one and seats 62 guests, is the result of a collaboration between Orlando, multidisciplinary creative Sofie Brünner and Jakob Gubi of Danish design house Gubi.

Amass bar area Copenhagen, Denmark

(Image credit: Tim Spreadbury)



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