Caffe La Tana, Vancouver, Canada
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Styled after the Italian alimentari – or grocery store – Caffe La Tana is nestled at the tail end of Vancouver’s Little Italy.

The shop and restaurant, owned by restaurateur Paul Grunberg, chef Mark Perrier, and designer Craig Stanghetta, is an elegant yet casual affair.

La Tana (Italian for ‘the den’) pays homage to the fox muse of the owners' popular Italian osteria, Savio Volpe, and features nods throughout to their frisky character.

The interiors were conceived by Stanghetta’s Ste Marie Art + Design and feature luxe Italian touches such as plentiful marble and ornate woodworking – all while maintaining the laid-back charm of the Pacific Northwest. Hand-drawn woodland wallpaper, lush green bench seating, and glimmering brass and gold accents tuck patrons into burrow-like comfort. 

Freshly-made pastas are set in a custom glass display case, lure one to linger, perhaps, for a lunch of pappardelle alla Bolognese. 

Caffe La Tana restaurant dining room, Vancouver, Canada

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Caffe La Tana restaurant dining room

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Caffe La Tana restaurant washrooms

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Caffe La Tana fresh pasta, Vancouver,

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Ste Marie Art + Design Caffe La Tana

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