The newly opened Yup Hotel is all about inspiring travellers who like unconventional places to stay. ‘We created this hotel especially for the “work hard, play hard” generation, keeping modern technology and comfort in mind,’ explains Peter Geurden, CEO of Different Hotels Group. Located in the old city centre of Hasselt, the hotel has been designed by local firm Creneau International and Dutch outfit Sutherland Design to feature dark, intimate spaces in a moody palette of dusky greys and inky blues. Pendant lighting, marble surfaces and shiny gold elements bring the hotel into the present, while provocative details such as seductive posters and life-size porcelain wild cats add a touch of allure. There is no restaurant or bar, but a ‘Grab & Go’ station provides a range of snacks and drinks, while a self-service music station offers a range of tunes from the nearby Versuz nightclub.