Volt London e-bike: a city ride with a twist of style

The Volt London e-bike is a clear rival to VanMoof, boasting elegant styling and superb performance

Volt London e-bike
(Image credit: voltbikes.co.uk)

For the last decade, e-bikes have grown in popularity, coming in all manner of shapes and sizes, but – from a styling perspective – they have shared certain characteristics, tending towards a standard bike frame, with a battery included as an unsightly afterthought. 

Today, though, a number of brands are paying far more attention to design, and things are improving. In October 2021 we previewed the VanMoof V, which has taken the e-bike, and elevated it to the next level, especially from a design perspective. And whilst it doesn’t have the head-turning style quirks of the VanMoof, the new Volt London e-bike is a refined take on a classic city bicycle.

A classic aesthetic

The design of the Volt London will appeal to those looking for a more classic aesthetic, as it boasts a brushed-aluminium frame, with a porteur front rack, more reminiscent of newspaper deliveries in 1950s Paris than London’s streets in 2022. And this is a good thing. 

Playing to an urban crowd, the Volt London e-bike eschews multiple gears, and provides everything you need via a single-speed set-up. Single-speed bikes are traditionally much easier to maintain, without the need for derailleur and gear maintenance. They also boast other benefits, such as making the bike lighter, and easier to ride. But single-speed models have their drawbacks, too. Thankfully, these are largely removed by the assisted power that comes from the Volt London’s 504Wh battery, enabling you to focus on the most enjoyable elements of urban cycling.

The Volt London e-bike: a close up of the motor and pedals

(Image credit: voltbikes.co.uk)

Volt claims that the battery powering the London will deliver a range up to 70 miles in pedal-assisted mode, but this will depend on the level of assistance you require, as well as the nature of the terrain you’re riding on. (In our experience, we found that 30 to 40 miles, on mixed road gradients, might be closer to the mark.) And the battery – with a 1,000 charge/discharge cycles – takes three to four hours to fully recharge.

Other features on the Volt London e-bike

Other standout features of the Volt London e-bike include its Schwalbe G-One Puncture Resistant tyres – important for a bike being marketed for urban use – and a Tektro hydraulic braking system. Elsewhere, the Volt London’s power system is incredibly responsive, and as you pedal towards the bike’s top speed of 15.5mph/25kmh (the UK’s legal limit), you never feel as though you’re forcing or waiting for the motor to catch up. Put simply, it’s a wonderful experience.


The Volt London e-bike is available for pre-order now, from £2,199, voltbikes.co.uk