VanMoof’s V is a next-generation high-speed e-bike for the city

Dutch company VanMoof reveals high-performance e-bike capable of 31mph, coming to whizz you through urban streets in 2022

Front detail of e-bike
The VanMoof V features an all-in-one frame system that incorporates lights, wiring, batteries, and cables
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VanMoof is bringing high performance to the world of e-bikes with a new model designed for long-distance riding. The Dutch company hopes the forthcoming VanMoof V model will be swift, safe, and far-reaching enough to serve as a true car replacement, especially in countries like the Netherlands, where there’s already a substantial infrastructure in place and the only constraints on journeys are stamina and battery power.

The V is billed as a ‘high speed’ e-bike and will be capable of topping out at 50kmh (around 31mph). That’s a tad too quick for some jurisdictions, so the bike will ship with integrated speed settings that allow it to be matched up to local rules.

VanMoof V e-bike coming in 2022

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The V is set to occupy the fast-growing middle ground between traditional bikes (and e-bikes) and small motorbikes. As electric drive becomes more and more common and power outputs increase, there’s likely to be a legislative grey area as the fastest e-bikes start to outpace scooters.

Expect a two-wheeled arms race as bikers compete to get the fastest, most rugged ride that’ll give them a performance advantage over conventional cars as well as other cyclists.

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VanMoof has given the V a chunky, solid form language, with a hefty frame and large tyres. Dual motors provide a two-wheel-drive system that makes easy going of the most slippery conditions, while the company’s ‘Turbo Boost’ function can kick in to catapult you away from the lights. As company co-founder Ties Carlier notes, ‘this makes you feel like an equal part of traffic’. Ties, who set up the bike maker with his brother Taco in 2009, expects the first V deliveries to take place in late 2022, joining VanMoof’s S3 and X3 models.

With around 200,000 riders to date, the brand’s reputation for quality and design is demonstrated by the all-in-one frame system that incorporates lights, wiring, batteries, and cables to create a seamlessly elegant and easily identifiable silhouette. The company sells direct in many key cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seattle and Paris, and is currently setting up a system of service hubs to maintain it products. 

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The brothers acknowledge that one inevitable consequence of bikes such as the V will be tighter urban regulations that guide riders and makers through this emerging new world of performance e-biking. As a result, they’re engaging with cities around the world to help smooth out the process.

The VanMoof V will have a keyless locking system, all-round suspension, automatic gears, and anti-theft protection as standard equipment. Expressions of interest are now being invited via the company’s website. Sign up to make great strides through the city.

VanMoof V e-bike

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VanMoof V, available from 2022, expected price £2,998

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