Salone del Mobile 2015 preview

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The Neoclassical Palazzo Serbelloni serves as the background for Caesarstone’s tropical extravaganza, devised by Canadian designer Philippe Malouin. Malouin was given carte blanche to experiment with the Caesarstone surface portfolio, combining new and vintage materials assembled in a row of swings and a series of planters containing a forest of yuccas, cheese plants, ferns and birds of paradise. Malouin and his team used techniques such as inlay, marquetry and engraving, combining stones in both geometric and organic designs achieved through a mix of Caesarstone’s hi-tech stone-cutting facilities and his own crew’s craft approach. Wallpaper* stepped in to collaborate on the space’s café, designed by Malouin in collaboration with designer Sasha Leong, and with a menu conceived by our entertaining director Melina Keays.

14-18 April; Palazzo Sebelloni, Corso Venezia 16;

Pictured: Caesarstone planters. Photography: Tom Mannion