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Alfredo Häberli for BMW

BMW is strengthening its commitment to design through a new collaboration with Swiss-Argentine designer Alfredo Häberli, exploring ideas of luxury and contemplating how humans will move and live in the not-too-distant future. This exploration resulted in a futuristic, elusive vessel, which, according to the designer, ‘is not a boat, it’s not a car and it’s not a plane.’ Instead, with its aerodynamic shape and monowheel design, elongated bonnet and tall tail fin, its design takes cues from a variety of sources: a BMW limousine, the flying cars featured in the movie The Fifth Element, racing cars from the past and present, flying objects, motorbikes and hyper-performance sailboats. Displayed alongside the designer’s extensive visual research, sketches and ideas on the future, the project is a striking visual development of BMW’s ‘Poetry in Motion’ motto.

14-19 April; Area Sciesa Tre, Via Amatore Sciesa, 3

Pictured: ’Spheres: Perspectives in Precision and Poetry for BMW designed by Alfredo Häberli’