Salone del Mobile 2013 preview

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Salone del Mobile 2013 preview

At a time when every city with even the teensiest signs of an emerging design scene is declaring itself to be ‘the new Milan’, the annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile still reigns head and shoulders above them all as the mecca. Because of Salone, one week in April now marks, in many ways, the beginning and the end of the Design Year, as designers, makers, artists, commentators, and in fact anyone in need of an innovation shot is drawn like iron filings by a strange magnetic force to Italy’s industry capital to see and be seen, collecting business cards and cocktails as they go. With hundreds of events and exhibitions taking place around the city, as well as - of course - all the fun at the fairgrounds to absorb, navigating it all can be tricky. To make life easy, here’s our guide to the shows we are most looking forward to.

Writer: Henrietta Thompson


Anyone with a half-decent radar for smart new designs would have picked up on new brand Discipline by now, despite it’s only having launched this time last year. For 2013 the international producer and online retailer evolves its collection with fresh pieces from its now expanded talented design team - we’re especially looking forward to those from one of our favourite new Norwegian upstarts, Lars Beller Fjetland, as well as his Japanese counterpart, Ichiro Iwasaki. The exhibition will also feature a pop up shop designed by Arabeschi di Latte.

9-14 April; Via Pietro Mascagni 4;

Pictured: ’Bridge’ chair, by Ichiro Iwasaki