Swiss-Israeli start-up Sirin Labs is looking to corner the market with its military-grade smartphone with inbuilt security to thwart casual hacking, electronic eavesdropping and data theft. Its debut product, the Solarin, is a Kubrick-esque monolith with a metal matrix composite ’chassis’, accommodating some 2,000 components, neatly wrapped within a Karim Rashid-designed metal and leather skin.

’The Solarin is for people who typically have a lot to lose, but who also want a mobile phone that is elegant and thoughtfully designed,’ says Tal Cohen, Sirin’s CEO. ’The Solarin’s luxury is in its technology and unprecedented levels of security.’ The smartphone sports a definite character, with an organic ’bump’ around the camera, a tactile surface and finely detailed metal edges.

As originally feauted in the July 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*208)