Away from the crowds of Milan’s famous fashion quadrilateral, Sicilian-born designer Maurizio Pecoraro has colonised the ground floor space of his Milan apartment and transformed it into an inviting gallery-like store. Envisaged by architect Pierfrancesco Cravel and interior designer Tal Berman, the space features graphic floors in wood and marble, and striking walnut doors cut into vertical grating with inlaid brass and marble.

The warm, clean space is hung with Pecoraro’s clothing along with an intriguing mix of furniture and objects. Mid-century pieces including a collection of curved walnut framed mirrors, Italian consoles and furniture by Gio Ponti mix with pearl-crusted artwork by Paola Pivi, miniature statues by Lisa Larson and lights by Johan Petter Johansson. Everything in the shop is for sale, including new furniture pieces covered in fabrics that match Pecoraro’s refined fashion collection.