Taking the well-known saying 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt' to a whole new level, Prada today unveiled the JWP Epicenter project, a new collection of souvenir t-shirts with the floor plans and frontages of the brand's seminal flagship stores printed on them.
The Jersey White Prada Obvious Classic t-shirts (understandably abbreviated to JWP for the project) come in different 'Prada' shades for the different stores: white for Tokyo, LA and Montenapoleone Donna; red for NYC; sky blue for Montenapoleone Uomo; light green for London and black or white for Galleria.
No strangers ourselves to floorplans as prints - for our 2009 awards shoot with judge Stefano Pilati we projected the floorplan of the Best Restaurant winner onto his t-shirt - we approve very much of Prada's take on the trend. It's an infinitely cleverer souvenir to come away with than just a logo.
This of course was Prada's intention - to create reminders of a particular place in a particular city. And given their chosen stores are landmarks, both in retail and architectural terms, it only seems natural that fans might want a lasting reminder of the destination itself. Devotees will now be able to say 'been there, done that, got the floorplan'.