We’re in loaf: chef Niko Romito opens first permanent store in Milan

Laboratorio Niko Romito in Milan sells a delectable selection of speciality breads, spreads, biscuits and more

Pandolce (sweet bread) lined up, from Milan store Laboratorio Niko Romito
Pandolce, from Laboratorio Niko Romito
(Image credit: Niko Romito)

Eclectic, with a multifaceted soul that goes from coastal to pastoral cuisine, Abruzzese (the food of Italy’s Abruzzo region, east of Rome) has always been a great drive and inspiration for acclaimed, self-taught chef Niko Romito. So much so that he established Accademia Niko Romito, a vocational school, in Castel di Sangro, southern Abruzzo, that trains young wanna-be-chefs to be professionals in the tradition. 

Laboratorio Niko Romito, Milan 

olive bread on a plate, from Niko Romito Laboratorio in Milan

(Image credit: Niko Romito)

After the success of his three-Michelin-star restaurant Reale, also in Castel di Sangro, and following a series of pop-up stores, the chef is now opening Laboratorio Niko Romito, his first permanent store, in the heart of Milan. The boutique, located in the Brera district, nods to a traditional neighbourhood shop while also providing a contemporary interpretation of food. 

Romito recalls with fondness spending time in his father's pastry shop as a child and being enveloped in the scents of freshly baked goods. ‘This is where my passion for bread and baking comes from,’ says Romito. Fittingly, at Laboratorio, he has created a variety of breads, including a particular type that can be stored in the fridge and, once reheated in the oven, can be enjoyed hot, just as freshly baked. 

Laboratorio Niko Romito loaves of sweet bread

(Image credit: Niko Romito)

‘The accurate research work we carry out every day at Laboratorio Niko Romito permeates and drives all our choices: from the ingredient selection to the food preparation, from the processing techniques to the aesthetic packaging design. Highest quality products need to be at everyone’s home,’ states the chef. 

Laboratorio will also offer and showcase a limited-edition panettone wrapped in a linen bag and packaged in a refined red box.

Jars and packets on shelves at Laboratorio Niko Romito store in Milan

(Image credit: Niko Romito)

The chef’s flagship store is a gem in the heart of Milan and, as Romito explains, aims ‘to bring my research and my vision of my gastronomic culture’. He continues, ‘I am more and more convinced that a new food culture based on health, on a significant decrease of the use of sugars and animal fats, has to be shared on a larger scale. My goal was to bring my gastronomic experience to all homes.’ 


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