Vincent Dubourg creates a scene of composed chaos at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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(Image credit: Vincent Dubourg)

Vincent Dubourg and Julien Lombrail met at a party when they were teenagers in Villennes-sur-Seine, but it was not till years later they turned their friendship into a professional relationship.

When Lombrail opened London’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery with co-founder Loïc Le Gaillard in 2006, he asked a then-29-year-old Dubourg to show his ‘Metal’ exhibition, making him the youngest artist to show at the gallery.

After years of collaboration, the two have joined forces once again for ‘Vortex,’ Dubourg’s latest exhibition on display at Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s New York location.

The ’Uttara’ table

The ’Uttara’ table by Vincent Dubourg, 2017

(Image credit: Vincent Dubourg)

The idea behind ‘Vortex’ [was] to take society, engulf it in a vortex and take it to a new planet and other ways of living,’ Dubourg said. ‘It is about the deconstruction of society, systems and forms.’

Drawing inspiration from nature, Dubourg deconstructs conventional silhouettes and manipulates materials like aluminum to create pieces that evoke composed chaos — teetering between avant-garde and functional.

‘The most important [thing] for me is to create a universe,’ he explains further. ‘I want to build a universe that I can feel and build from the carcass such as a car, to a create something that has a function as an object and can also be comfortable.’

The 3,250 sq ft space features seven aluminum works, which chronicle Dubourg’s distinct eye throughout his 15-plus year career. Old meets new, as four pieces from 2017 — including his ‘Buffet Grand Vortex’ — sit next to two buffets and a shelf from 2009, 2014 and 2010, respectively

The ’Veda’ table

The 'Veda' table by Vincent Dubourg, 2017

(Image credit: Vincent Dubourg)

‘I wanted to show my evolution and growth,’ he continues. ‘My new collection is animated by a discreet movement, delicate pigmentation, and a breath of life.’

Thanks to Dubourg’s new eponymous monograph, you can bring a slice of the French artist home with you. Copies are sold at the New York gallery, so be sure to pick up a copy before you leave.

The ’Matsyendra’ table

The ’Matsyendra’ table is made of manipulated aluminium

(Image credit: Vincent Dubourg)

’Doors' shelf by Vincent Dubourg, 2010

’Doors’ shelf by Vincent Dubourg, 2010

(Image credit: Vincent Dubourg)


’Vincent Dubourg: Vortex’ is on view until 23 December. For more information, visit the Carpenters Workshop Gallery website


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