Let’s start off by saying that if London-based innovation firm Seymourpowell had its way, there would be king size beds on every flight. The company recently unveiled an airplane cabin design that has us all cheering them on—considering their goal is to make the flying experience more "like a contemporary boutique hotel," you can see why we’re into it already. The ’First Spaces’ design was created with the Airbus in mind, essentially creating personal hotel room-esque spaces for flyer.

Things you can do in this design that you can’t in other cabin designs (even the luxe ones) include closing your door and ordering food room service-style via personal tablet. You’ll never have to dread the awkward small talk of a seatmate again. Seymourpowell put together a video to give us a little more insight into the idea. Check it out here

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure