Few designers are as prolific as Philippe Starck. At this year’s Salone, he presented five customisable works for Brazilian furniture brand TOG, as well as new products for Flos, Kartell, Magis and, for the first time ever, Glas Italia. Our editorial team met up with the French master at the TOG stand and, amidst his winged-back Jaune rocking chairs and a lime green interpretation of a classic Rietveld piece, were acquainted with the beverage that has kept him going on a long Fiera day.

Idiosyncratically named TOG Soda despite its lack of bubbles, the drink is made entirely from organic ingredients. An infusion of dried hibiscus flowers provides a sharp core flavour, while juices of pomegranate and cranberry offer a refreshing twang. A pinch of stevia, the natural sweetener, is sprinkled in for good measure. The simple recipe belies the careful preparation of each component - the cranberries are sourced from the Alps and the pomegranates from Irpinia in southern Italy. Both are cold-pressed to ensure optimal taste. The resulting concoction, served up in TOG-labelled glasses, proved immensely popular among fairgoers.

What exactly inspired Starck to dabble in beverage creation? As it turns out, TOG Soda was his contribution to ’Energy for Creativity’, an exhibition commissioned by Gilda Bojardi for Expo Milano 2015. Starck believes that his drink goes back to the fundamental idea of design, ’to serve our community’. Thirst is inevitable while walking the scorching streets of Milan, ’so I offer these people a drink. This is my idea of service.’

Recipe for TOG Soda
Hibuscus 75%
Cranberry 12.5%
Pomegranate 12.5%