Designer Philippe Starck needs very little introduction. One of the most prolific creative minds of our generation, the French designer has applied his humorous but rigorous design approach to everything from a superyacht to furniture and accessories. Some of his design classics include kitchen accessories for Alessi, chairs for Kartell (also featuring sustainable materials) and lighting for Flos.

He also served as Wallpaper* Guest Editor in October 2009, for which he gathered a group of scientists, as well as an artist and a musician, for a curated series of pieces that touched upon time, space, matter and the meaning of life – a project that clearly demonstrated the depth of his creative thinking.

Starck continues to be one of the most inspiring creatives working today, and a point of reference for anyone approaching design as a hopeful young creative. In a recent conversation with Wallpaper* (more to come), he offered a few generous words of advice, in verse form, to the next generation of creatives: a small poem that translates his optimistic, democratic point of view into poetry. 


Look at nothing
Listen to nothing
Feel everything
Understand everything
Alone with yourself
Look up
Love and give
And also create a laboratory
of pure creativity


Philippe Starck

In classic Starck style, the poem is the right amount of cryptic, inviting aspiring creatives to observe the world with curiosity, creativity and independence. It is a serious manifesto for creativity, and good advice that should be taken in consideration by emerging designers, established creatives, and anyone needing a bit of encouragement and inspiration. §