Gabrielle Ammann showed a selection of work by Indian born, Amsterdam-based designer Satyendra Pakhale at her Designer’s Gallery. The name of the show, ’Origins’ was explained by the designer with the line ’originality comes from origins’ and original they certainly are.
The limited edition designs consist of a range of bronze metal seating sculptures from his Bell Metal series (begun in 1999), his ceramic Flower Offering chair/vases (2001) and his Roll Ceramic chairs (2007). Contrasting shapes, tactile textures and high levels of traditional craftsmanship are at play in each project and have us wanting to stroke them every bit as much as sit on them.
Though really quite similar to parts of the female anatomy, Pakhale insists his work was about returning to a more primordial, instinctive response to texture and shape. A nearby eavesdropper offered ‘seeds’ as an alternative form of inspiration, which fits nicely with the ‘Flower Offering’ collection.
Following cocktails at her gallery in celebration of the global design circuit coming to town Gabrielle Ammann opened the doors to her beautiful apartment (and something of a gallery in itself) for an evening of champagne, fine food and swapping of stories.


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