After sixteen years as a principal with the New York City Ballet, 40-year-old Hübbe returned last July to his Danish roots as artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet, the company where he began his training thirty years ago.
[B]How did you get to where you are now professionally?[/B]
Through a long and still glowing passion for my art form which is of course ballet/dance
It is my initial and first love for dance that has carried me to the position that I work from today.
[B]Do you rank Copenhagen among the world’s creative capitals? Why/why not?[/B]
Yes, I do. Because - as I see it - Danes have a particular genetic component called craft. Creativity, art and craft are siblings in a strong family. Great craftsmanship is a vital part of this nation’s cultural make-up .
[B]The W* shoot is all about Copenhagen shopping – what are your favourite Copenhagen stores?[/B]
Løgismose down by Langelinie is a fantastic food store. Storm and Bruhn’s Bazar for clothes. Paustian and Bruun-Rasmussen Auction House for furniture.
[B]What object/piece of furniture in your home could you not live without?[/B]
Couldn’t do without my bed (Dux) or my dining table by Norman Foster
[B]Who/what is inspiring you most right now? [/B]
At the moment, I find myself hugely inspired by watching choreographer John Neumeier, who is currently staging the ballet Romeo & Juliet for the Royal Danish Ballet. The constant inspiration of my life is the dancers of our company.
What advice do you wish you’d been given 10 years ago?[/B]
That patience is a virtue.
[B]What’s your secret/favourite indulgence?[/B]
Buying clothes - no matter if it is for myself or others
[B]If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?[/B]
Tricky question. We are what we are, right? On the other hand, we also must allow personal imperfections some space, otherwise we wouldn’t have any personality at all.
[B]What’s the one thing you’d never change?[/B]
If meaning about myself, I don’t think I’ll be having plastic surgery. Either on my body or my face. Not that I consider myself to be incredibly handsome, but my face and my body is a direct testament of who I am.
[B]How do you relax?[/B]
Good food, good movie, good sex!