The eco-movement has been stepped up a gear in the past decade or so, and in response designers have been finding new ways to interact with the trend. Nature in a Kit is the summer show from Swiss institution, MUDAC that deals with just this idea, presenting a pertinent take on the role of nature within the creative consciousness.


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Divided into two parts (and two floors), the first floor focuses on the way in which designers use natural materials, and charts their attempts to bring these materials back to their primary forms, whilst reworking them a little.
With work including Andrea Branzi’s log-shaped stool, Bouroullec’s textile clouds and Ineke Hans’ Peg Forest - this floor is a gentle introduction into the artistic adoption of nature.
The second section, the Green Floor, is somewhat more involved - focusing on how society at large engages with the natural landscape. Ilkka Halso’s digital prints are a particular stand out, cleverly capturing what he sees as the future of nature - preserved in museums and institutions.
A slightly unsettling offering comes in the shape of Michel Huelin’s hulking grass bugs. Dotting the space like green bear-skinned bodyguards, his grass-covered creatures provide a comic take on the relationship between man and nature.