Push it: Flic is re-inventing the button, at the time of wireless everything

Push it: Flic is re-inventing the button, at the time of wireless everything

Surfing on as much nostalgia as functionality, a Swedish start-up has launched the simplest wireless device that one can still call smart. Flic is a toy-like button that offers to command your other IOS or Android devices with a mere, instinctive push.

This cute, kidult-style gadget can be stuck anywhere (on a wall, a table, in a drawer...) or just kept in your pocket. Its ambition is to replace all your remote controls - and simplify your life.

Imagine, you can forever shortcut all the fumbling needed to operate your phone apps. Activated with a single, double click or hold, the Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows you to control from up to 150 ft away. Press the button, and it will automatically dim the lights; take an iPad photo; post on your Facebook wall; turn on the TV; select your Spotify next playlist; or lock the door. Whatever it is programmed to do. A cutting edge power saving technology allows the battery to last five years, too.

Flic’s popularity is already well established: its launch was funded by an Indiegogo campaign which became the largest crowdfunding experience in Sweden’s history. ’Its simplicity will particularly appeal to the tech-averse elderlies’, explains Pranav Kosuri, co founder and CCO of the Shortcut Labs, the startup which built it, originated from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden. The tech savvy crowd is also part of the game: they are welcome to improve Flic with its open SDK, by integrating their own systems to it.

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