Since its launch in 2012, Zaha Hadid and David Gill have continued to develop their Liquid Glacial collection. Their latest iteration is proving a rippling success.

Their history is a long one; the architect and the Spanish born gallerist’s long-standing collaborative relationship stretches back to 2007, when Dune Formations first brought them together. Revealed during the Venice Biennale, the sand dune-inspired body of work interpreted barren desert into lacquered and mirrored tables through Hadid’s futuristic style.

Continuing with their synergetic creations, the pair have now expanded on the original collection of four Liquid Glacier tables which resemble flowing ice and streaming water. Hadid has employed the rippling water effect to form three new matching stools, using acrylic to create the illusion of cascading, waterfall legs. In keeping with the aquatic theme, Hadid has used coloured acrylic to produce blue versions of the stools, too, an effect which highlights the careful detail of the etching. In addition, she has also mastered a bowl centrepiece with ripples of inward, tumbling water. Depending on the light, it looks as though the acrylic moulding is indeed moving. 
The experimental pieces have, of course, taken residence at the David Gill’s Mayfair space. ‘The Liquid Glacial series has pushed the boundaries of materiality and innovation,’ muses Hadid. ’Part of the process of our on-going design investigation.’