Modular and customisable: switch up your sofa style with Cozmo

The modular Cozmo sofa, created by London-based studio Raw-Edges, can be effortlessly customised to match your mood

white sofa
A modular design and a choice of sofa jackets means the Cozmo sofa can be easily customised
(Image credit: Cozmo)

Effortlessly change your couch with the launch of Cozmo, a new modular sofa (and eponymous company) that invites endless customisation thanks to a generous collection of easy-to-change sofa jackets. Created for the new brand by London-based studio Raw-Edges, the affordable Cozmo sofa is comfortably sized, fitting even when space is at a premium.

Cozmo sofa: modular and customisable

Encompassing subtle design details, such as contrasting fabrics, gently tapered backrests and an understated trim, the sofa presents multiple possibilities for personalisation. The first collection of sofa jackets is composed of over 20 pieces, from pile fleece and velvet to recycled cotton, all in a number of bold hues. In future, the Cozmo team plan to partner with artists and designers on limited-edition pieces.

Cozmo sofa or chair, designed by Raw-Edges

(Image credit: Cozmo)

‘When we designed the sofa for Cozmo we thought about the way people dress, how they combine trousers with jackets, mix colours, textures and fabrics to create beautiful combinations and have the freedom to express themselves,’ say the co-founders of Raw-Edges, Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer. ‘Staring at passengers on the London Overground was a great inspiring moment in the process of this project.’

It is a relaxed philosophy reflected in the sofa itself, which puts the customer’s requirements at the heart of its design. Sofas are delivered in boxes that can fit through any regular-sized doorway, and are easy to assemble, with no tools required thanks to the click-fix hardware.

Cozmo sofa, a modular sofa designed by Raw-Edges

(Image credit: Cozmo)

The sofas, handmade in the UK, are created from a mix of feather and memory foam, with the modular system meaning the sofa comes in several pieces that can be assembled depending on the customer’s preference.

‘Nadav (Hassan) and I founded the company with a fashion-industry mindset of creating a relationship with our customers through products that can be customised,’ adds Cozmo co-founder and creative director Jacob Peres. ‘Cozmo invites people to participate in the design process and express their personal style.’

Modular sofa

(Image credit: Cozmo)

Arm of sofa

(Image credit: Cozmo)


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