Edra’s outdoor furniture is an ode to the sea

Designed by long-term collaborator Jacopo Foggini, the ‘A’mare’ collection of outdoor furniture mimics shiny water, and was named 'Best Disappearing Act' at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2023

Armchairs and coffee table
Pieces from the A’mare collection by Jacopo Foggini for Edra. Pictured here: armchairs and coffee table
(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)

Paying tribute to the sea, Jacopo Foggini designed the ‘A’mare’ collection for Italian furniture brand Edra. Composed of handcrafted pure polycarbonate sticks, the collection comprises outdoor furniture such as chairs, armchairs, a bench, a sun lounger, a coffee table and tables in a distinctive translucent blue shade. 

The name ‘A’mare’ plays on the Italian words for sea (mare) and to love (amare), the idea for the collection being that the objects appear as if made from shiny, solidified water, casting charming reflections on its surroundings. If immersed in water, the pieces will give the illusion of disappearing. 

Sun lounger from the ‘A’mare’ collection

Sun lounger from the ‘A’mare’ collection by Jacopo Foggini

(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)

Despite its marine appearance, the furniture is imagined for a variety of settings, from urban gardens to poolside, from balconies overlooking the mountains to countryside patios. Seemingly fragile, the furniture’s construction in fact makes it incredibly durable, elastic and resistant. Its essential design is defined by the arrangement of polycarbonate sticks. 

The pure aesthetic of the collection perfectly embodies Edra’s stylistic values: timeless elegance, material research and extreme quality of craftsmanship. The company’s collections are designed as landscapes of objects whose impressive scale and forms are unique in the design panorama.

Armchairs and coffee table from the ‘A’mare’

Armchairs and coffee table from the ‘A’mare’ collection by Jacopo Foggini

(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)

Foggini has been part of this journey since 2009, when he started creating unique pieces with Edra that combine colour and light, made of methacrylate filaments, a technique he has been experimenting with since the 1990s. The collaboration brings an artistic approach to furniture design.

Throughout their partnership, the brand and the designer have created luminous pieces including chairs made of intricate methacrylate string compositions, or designed like shells, colourful and translucent. Foggini has also experimented with glass, through a series of tables whose jagged edges reproduced the forms of Aegean islands. 

Sun lounger and coffee table from the ‘A’mare’

Sun lounger and coffee table from the ‘A’mare’ collection by Jacopo Foggini

(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)

Bench from the ‘A’mare’ collection

Bench from the ‘A’mare’ collection by Jacopo Foggini

(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)

Chairs and dining table from the ‘A’mare’ collection

Chairs and dining table from the ‘A’mare’ collection by Jacopo Foggini

(Image credit: Jacopo Foggini)



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