Ambra Medda and Wava Carpenter of Design Miami are on the hunt for some undiscovered homegrown talent. “Europe keeps asking us for American talent,” they say, “we’re determined to find the ‘best in the west’ and bring it to the world’s attention so they’ll shut up already.”

Indeed, contemporary American design is lacking both in comparison to its rich, pioneering mid-century heritage and the contemporary scenes east and west of the continent – so the call-out is timely. What remains to be seen is whether there is a young Charles Eames or Richard Schultz lurking undiscovered in the deep south and whether it’s just the right platform they’ve been lacking, or if perhaps it goes deeper, and needs to be tackled at the design school stage.

Either way, if it’s there, we have no doubt Medda and Carpenter will eek it out and make the most of it.

“High quality, high concept objects-for-use, made through handcrafter, high-tech and/or experimental processes form North, Central and South Americas and the Caribbean,” is what they’re after and portfolios and CVs need to be sent by September 1st (so get your skates on) to Wava Carpenter at Design Miami, 3841 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 400, Miami, FL 33137, USA.

Come Design Miami in December we very much look forward to seeing the results…