A sculptor who used metals, bronze, glass and wood in unusual, unexpected ways, Alik Cavaliere was one of the main players in Italy’s postwar creative renaissance. He passed away in 1998 at the age of 71, but this week Cavaliere’s work will enjoy another renaissance.

Film director Francesca Molteni - part of the dynasty behind furniture brand Molteni & C - along with architects Alice Gramigna and Gianluca Cesana of A2arch and theatre designer Margherita Palli, have collaborated on ’Alik in Wonderland’, a fantastical installation of the artist’s often surreal works.

The exhibition, in the grounds of Milan’s Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere, uses a cutting-edge sailing cloth called I-Mesh to direct viewers through a labyrinth of scenes evocative of the namesake Lewis Carroll tale. Ticking clocks, mirrored figures and Cavaliere’s twisted iron statues create splendid obstacles, while all around the fabric acts as a screen for projected images from an imagined garden. Part of the city-wide Salone del Mobile, the installation continues until 19 April.