It’s a dog’s life: Earth Rated's new stylish and sustainable dog toys

Earth Rated has partnered with design studio Layer on new accessories and toys for dogs their owners will love too

Earth Rated dog toys
(Image credit: Earth Rated x Label)

Dog care can be a messy business, but in Earth Rated’s hands, at least it is a stylish one. The sustainable brand has collaborated with design agency Layer on a simple, clean rebrand which puts the focus on the recycled, natural products, and includes a series of playful dog toys.

Earth Rated and Layer: discover the new dog toys

Earth Rated yellow dog toys

(Image credit: Earth Rated x Label)

A collection of playful new products will delight dogs and owners alike thanks to their rich, textured surfaces and geometric codes. Crafted from compostable and recycled plastics and natural rubber, toys are hardy and, crucially, dishwasher safe. Five dog toys - Fly, Tug, Fetch, Treat and Chew - redraw classic typologies, imbuing familiar forms with interactive elements. Featuring raised rims and twisted and intersecting pieces, the toys are designed for dogs to easily clutch in their paws.

Earth Rated green dog toys

(Image credit: Earth Rated x Label)

The new dog toys launch coincides with a rebrand for Earth Rated, who launched in 2010 with sustainable poop bags, eventually branching out into accessible and affordable toys. Their partnership with Layer has resulted in a new design language that encompasses products, packaging and a new ethos reflected in the restrained graphic design and calm green hues throughout.

green dog toys

(Image credit: Earth Rated x Label)

‘The pet category is a really joyful space and, being a dog owner myself, it was a really exciting opportunity to work with Earth Rated,’ says Layer founder, Benjamin Hubert. ‘Layer worked across product, brand, packaging, and point-of-sale to create a consistent and compelling new direction for the next chapter of Earth Rated, and the new brand is testament to the power of holistic design. It’s been a deeply rewarding collaboration and the results celebrate our shared values of responsible, sustainable, and affordable design.’

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green dog poo bags

(Image credit: Earth Rated x Label)

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