Pretty in pink: pink make-up for alternative summer looks

Try a new spin on the most traditional beauty companion of summer, pink make-up

Pink beauty products by Byredo, 19/99, and Hermès
From left, Frosting Colour Stick, by Byredo. Rose Cola Hermesistible tinted care oil, by Hermès. Fiore Precision Colour Pencil, by 19/99. Coral Bigarade Hermesistible tinted care oil, by Hermès. Demerara Colour Stick, by Byredo. Coral Bigarade Hermesistible tinted care oil, by Hermès, for £44. Demerara Colour Stick, by Byredo. Beige Sapotille Hermesistible tinted care oil, by Hermès.
(Image credit: Photography by Neil Godwin at Future Studios.)

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking about pink make-up and beauty products for summer, but the latest launches from three brands – Byredo, 19/99, and Hermès – are offering an innovative new take on a classic. 

Three fresh takes on pink make-up

Hermès Hermesistible tinted care oils

Hermès‘ new Hermesistible tinted care oils come in six shades that range from the cantaloupe-coloured Beige Sapotille to the bright berry Pourpre Camarine. Unsurprisingly, Hermès has considered every aspect of Hermesistible's design, including its scent. As Hermès’ in-house perfumer Christine Nagel says: ‘Hermesistible is the known unknown, an enchanting and reassuring surprise. Through these colour scents, I have sought to share memories and emotions, without regressing into the past. I have sought to combine intuitively the notion of extreme quality with pleasure, to express both joy and comfort.’ Formulated with 97 per cent natural ingredients to moisturise lips, the oils have a subtle touch of colour and brightening gloss that makes them an ideal companion for casual summer beauty routines, and a low-key take on pink-make-up.

Byredo colour sticks

Meanwhile, Byredo’s colour sticks offer something a bit bolder. Designed to be used anywhere on the face, the new sticks come in Demerara, a dusty pink inspired by brown sugar, Frosting, a glossy rose glittering with gold sparkles, and Marzipan, an electric mauve with a shiny finish. The colour sticks’ versatility encourages play and pink make-up experimentation. Byredo founder Ben Gorham told us when the line first launched: 'I found that in the beauty industry, it was very dictating, it was very linear in saying, “buy this or this, and look like this”, which I didn’t relate to. So my idea was not just to go paint a picture of my peers. It was to be inclusive, to the point of saying that this can be anything to anybody. That’s how we approached it from the start.'

19/99 precision colour pencils

The Precision Colour Pencils from vegan beauty brand 19/99 are likewise designed for use on lips, eyes, or cheeks, with vibrant peach shade Fiore and 1990s-style muddy pink Neutra providing high-impact colour with all-day staying power. They are some of the best pencils we’ve tried, easily ranking among Wallpaper's beauty favourites.


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