Lip service: Hermès launches new limited-edition lipsticks

The iconic French house debuts a range of pink lip shades in limited-edition containers

Limited edition, shades of pink lipstick against shaded background
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Earlier this year, Hermès ignited a flurry of excitement when it launched Rouge Hermès, a line of refillable lipsticks that marked the brand's first foray into beauty and the beginning of what will become a full make-up range and skincare line.

Keeping our interest ever piqued, Hermès today launches three new lipstick shades in limited edition cases. Each shade is a variation on classic pinks, ranging from Rose Ombrè, a muted rosewood colour, to Rose Pommette, a vibrant sunset pink, and Rose Nuit, a subtle matte rose with blue undertones.

Hermes lipsticks in ROSE OMBRÉ, ROSE POMMETTE, and ROSE NUIT

(Image credit: TBC)

The collection comes packaged in the now-classic Hermès lipstick tubes designed by the brand’s veteran shoe and jewellery designer, Pierre Hardy. As Hardy told Wallpaper* about the design of the lipsticks back in February, ‘I thought, let’s act as though nothing else existed. I will try to create the quintessence of an object that is feminine, pure, simple. One that is immediately desirable but will stand the test of time, and that can convey the Hermès style: luxury and sobriety.’

These limited-edition objects are available in three shade combinations, each intended to evoke the transition from the light hues of autumn to the darker tones of winter- a minty green paired with navy blue, a rosebud pink with a deep teal, and a sky blue contrasted with an earthy brown.

In true Hermès fashion, the shades have been pulled from various fine artworks including, ‘the silent perspectives of Charles Sheeler, the calm beauty of the still lifes and domestic landscapes by John Register and Arduino Cantàfora, and the abstract compositions of Jean Hélion.’


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