As vegan diets have become increasingly popular, so too does the demand for plant-based cosmetic products. Below, we break down the best vegan brands and products for those looking to make their face as eco-conscious as their plate. 


Kosas velvet cream highlighter and blush

Kosas vegan cream blush and highlighter can be applied to the skin in the same way oil paint is applied to a canvas – it can be built up for more intense pigmentation or mixed with a few drops of face oil for a more subtle, natural finish. Whether painting on a pronounced Frans Hals-esque flush or channeling the subtle rosiness of a Manet, artists and amateurs alike can easily experiment with the glide-on cream for any look.

Even better is the fact that Kosas products actually improve skin, making for a natural, as well as cosmetic, glow. The blush is, of course, vegan and also formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil to calm and balance skin, as well as vitamin-packed rosehip seed oil.

La Bouche Rouge 

la bouche rouge black glass mascara against grey background

‘I have designed these products with two key focuses,’ La Bouche Rouge co-founder Nicolas Gerlier told Wallpaper* ahead of his brand’s new makeup launch. ‘The first is to create something perfect, something extremely precise like an Apple design… the second is to stay sustainable in every part of what we do.’

The brand has certainly achieved both those aims in its latest cosmetic line, which is vegan and designed to be completely plastic-free. Its mascara is a particularly remarkable feat of cosmetic product design, with a glass wand and application brush made of plastic-free castor plant fiber.


hourglass medium beige foundation against grey background

Luxury brand Hourglass cosmetics has pledged to be 100 per cent vegan by the end of 2021 and one of its first vegan offerings is its Seemless Finish Liquid Foundation. The brand’s unique formula of coated pigments means that only half a pump is required for even-toned skin, making it a preferable option for those worried about a decrease in effectiveness when switching to vegan formulations. 


axiology dark red lipstick in gold case against grey background

It’s an old beauty rumour that regular lipstick wearers end up inadvertently ingesting pounds of the product over the course of a lifetime. True or not, it makes sense that the products you put on your body should be as good for you as the food you put in it. With that in mind, new beauty brand Axiology has created a range of vegan, cruelty-free lipsticks that forego commonly used lipstick ingredients like lanolin, a fat derived from sheep wool, or carmine, a pigment made of ground insects. The brand’s unique blend of avocado, grapeseed, orange, and other organic oils makes them a moisturising alternative to commonly drying vegan lipsticks. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Anastasia Beverly Hills dark brown brow pomade in round glass container against grey background

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most trusted names for eyebrow cosmetics even for those who aren’t solely using vegan products. The brand’s signature pomade is an ideal choice for those looking to sculpt thick, architectural brows that can create impact over Zoom calls and make a statement over masks. As opposed to pencils or powders, which tend to offer softer coverage, this creamy pomade can be applied with a small brush for stronger shading and durable hold. §