We’re all for sensory stimulation, which is what The Kaleidoscopic Eye exhibition opening in Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum this month, is all about.

kaleidoscopic eye

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Featuring works from the internationally renowned Thyssen Bornemisza collection, the show offers sensory titillation on many levels – playing with imagination, memory, light and sound.
With a sci-fi catwalk from Carsten Holler, an exploding wall frozen in space with fishing line from Los Carpinteros, and Jeppe Hein’s chromatic ball rolling freely around Jim Lambie’s psychedelic floor patterns – The Kaleidoscopic Eye is all about optimum optical impact and bold sensory statements.
Participation and stimulation are buzzwords of the moment at the Mori Museum and with everyone from Olafur Eliason to Tracey Emin on board, all the artistic bases seem to be covered.
Aside from the disco balls, bright lights and colour-happy contraptions that bulk out the wide-ranging show, there are also some rather more sedate pieces on offer. With delicate seismographic inspired drawings from Matthew Ritchie and film noir influenced sci-fi film work from Peter Tscherkassky, The Kaleidoscopic Eye is nothing if not a diverse artistic experience.