Best known for his canvas works throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Milan-born Tono Mucchi’s latest exhibition - Teatro Urbano in Milan’s Galleria Antonio Jannone - will be the first airing of the artist’s move into the digital realm.

Tonno Mucchi

See more of Mucchi’s latest photographs, a series of digitally manipulated Milan façades
Ever on the trail of artistic manipulation, Mucchi has this time taken photographs of imposing Milanese architectural façades, digitally removed the doors and windows and replaced the spaces left with images of sunsets, lakes and misty morning scenes. The result is a set of photographs with an eerily idyllic otherworldliness.
With the help of his Milanese heritage and a knack for the sublime - Mucchi’s work retains the acute sense of optimism that has come to define his ouvre. An optimism that, in light of Teatro Urbano at least, one can only appreciate once they’ve seen the sun set over Lombardy.