Photographer Alessandro Furchino Capria on cats, consumerism and digital deserts

We explore the vision of Italian photographer Alessandro Furchino Capria in this month’s ‘Through the lens’ feature, where we spotlight photographers who are Wallpaper* contributors

Alessandro Furchino Capria
From Wallpaper's 2023 Design Awards 'Best in Shows' feature. Jacket, £6,300; trousers, £515; bag, £1,300, all by Marni. Boots, price on request, by Bottega Veneta. Fashion: Jason Hughes
(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

It’s a decade since Alessandro Furchino Capria became a photographer, and 2023 signifies the beginning of a new chapter following his recent move from Milan to London. Furchino Capria describes recent years as full of travel, research, and making mistakes – all of which have been valuable parts of his creative development. Here, the photographer discusses hyperconsumerism, normality, and bringing his astute eye to our February 2023 Issue Best of S/S 2023 story. 

Wallpaper*: Describe your style and process

Alessandro Furchino Capria: I like to interact with what I have nearby and keep the result as simple and direct as I can without adding too many elements to the pictures. To me, everything has to go straight to the point. I prefer a subtractive process to an additive approach because it helps me to keep my mind awake.

Untitled 06 11 2022 16:46 by Alessandro Furchino Capria

Alessandro Furchino Capria, Untitled 06 11 2022 16:46

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

W*: How did you approach our Design Awards Issue Best of S/S 2023 story?

AFC: When I met Jason [Hughes, Wallpaper’s fashion director], we spoke about keeping the shoot close to my way of seeing things and adding simple objects to the pictures, without overloading everything. I thought that having some plastic-packed fruit could reinforce the idea of having a simple symbol of hyperconsumerism, as well as the Coke can. Through the cat, I tried to reconnect everything with normal life, [and] with the daily routine of existence. I [also] worked with the other props we had in the studio, using them [but] avoiding their main functions to overturn their everyday meaning. 

Alessandro Furchino Capria drawings

Furchino Capria was so inspired by the Best In Shows story, which presents the runaway runway winners of S/S 2023, that he drew little sketches of the fashion shoot for us

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Alessandro Furchino Capria drawing

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

W*: What do you think is the most interesting thing happening within photography now?

AFC: There are a lot of great authors out there and this is very helpful for the development of photography. I like the idea that one day, the old-school way of thinking about having always one great master above others will be finally over and we will start to approach society as an entity made by a lot of people, without having the necessity of having a ‘god’.

Alessandro Furchino Capria photograph of two tumblers

Alessandro Furchino Capria, Untitled 22 07 2022 11:57

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

W*: What’s on your radar? 

AFC: Recently, an old article came up again in my reading list and I have read it again. It’s an old open discussion from Vinton Gray Cerf, an American Internet pioneer who urged people to think about printing their treasured photos and not relying on storing them as memory files. This is just a small part of the discussion, but it’s always something that's important to me – the fragility of the technologies we use every day [and] the way we can risk losing our personal data and leave a ‘digital desert’ around us.

Alessandro Furchino Capria photograph of man in chair

Alessandro Furchino Capria, Untitled 13 04 2022 16:30

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

W*: What’s next for you this year? 

AFC: With my partner, I’ve started to develop an independent publishing house called Continent Editions [through which] we published my latest book Plastic Bags. In the spring, we will also launch an annual magazine, in London. It will be about outside spaces and the first issue is about urban parks. We had the opportunity to involve a lot of great photographers.

Model in dress

From Wallpaper's 2023 Design Awards issue 'Best in Shows' feature. Dress, £2,100; bodysuit, £1,100, both by Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, £550, by Jimmy Choo. Fashion: Jason Hughes

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Phone screen

Alessandro Furchino Capria, Untitled 16 05 2022 15:23

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

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