It’s not often you hear people exclaiming the virtues of jetlag but for someone as itinerant and prolific in their work as photographer Joël Tettamanti, jetlag is an important part of the process.


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Tettamanti, who graduated from ECAL in 2001, has been a regular snapper for Wallpaper* over the years, notably photographing our epic ‘Trip’ stories. His skill lies in his ability to capture the feeling of a culture through land and cityscapes by avoiding the hackneyed or clichéd associations and focussing on the incidental, typical and often unspectacular.
This is where his appreciation of jetlag comes in handy. He thrives on making short trips and arriving with no guidebook, purposefully maximising his feeling of disorientation to allow his intuition and subconscious to come to the fore. He describes this process as moving like a sleepwalker through areas that reveal their true beauty in the twilight of the borderline between day and night.
A comprehensive exhibition of his ongoing series ‘Local Studies’ is on show at Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur, Switzerland. ‘Local Studies’ is as you might expect a series of photos studying the localities in which his work takes him, from the extreme and epic landscapes of Greenland to portraits of industrial workers in mainland Europe.
‘I never hate a place’, says Tettamanti, ’I always find something interesting, something unreal maybe.’